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Business Intelligence: What are the Top BI Reporting Systems?

Ensuring all business processes are under control is getting harder each year since the massive volumes of data being produced challenge businesses of all sizes. Ultimately, organizations and companies need certain help in making sustainable and profitable decisions. By utilizing modern and top BI reporting tools, any business user can address each challenge promptly without the need for massive IT involvement. It comes down to this question: what do you need to ensure that your team succeeds in every aspect of their day-to-day workflow? 

Reporting is a key component of business intelligence, and the dashboard is perhaps the archetypal BI tool. Software dashboards automatically present available data in charts and graphs that provide an immediate sense of how the company is doing.

Although business intelligence does not dictate what business users need to do or what will happen if they choose a particular course of action, nor does it focus on generating reports. Rather, top BI reporting enables people to take a holistic view of data to understand trends and derive insights through streamlining the effort to find, merge, and query the information they need to make good business decisions.

dotnet report

top bi reporting systems

The advancements in artificial intelligence have enabled sifting through entire data warehouses in seconds, answering the toughest analytical questions, and tracking data changes in real-time. Get the best of everything with the top BI reporting system with dotnet report builder.

The robust ad-hoc net designer solution allows software developers and app creators to provide their customers with customized reports at their convenience. It helps SaaS providers cater to the reporting needs of organizations across multiple industries. Charts, reports, and graphs are readily available, enabling effortless business operations.

Standout Features

In addition to being an intuitive report designer and a wide range of charts and graphics, dotnetreport provides a comprehensive set of features. Filters allow users to target data at various levels. Automatic report generation can also be configured.

Charts and Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards can be configured in any way that will be useful for users with different needs. By making use of these dashboards, your analytics team can make quick and informed decisions. The user can add, remove, and rearrange panels to create a dashboard that meets their needs. Along with reports, charts, and graphs, users can also run analytics, add filters, and create their dashboards.

Report Scheduler

A built-in Report Scheduler in dotnetreport can also schedule reports to be emailed.

Multi-Tenant Clients, Users & Roles

It is not limited to handling single-user applications. Whether your clients’ data is in the same database or some other one, Multi-Tenant Reporting provides all the .NET reporting functionality you need. Additionally, it has been designed to restrict users’ and roles’ access to viewing and editing reports. Integration with any existing framework is seamless. For SaaS developers who need ad-hoc reporting, this is a powerful solution.

List-Based Filtering

You can use a dotnetreport to automatically create a relational data list based on values you select from a drop-down menu.

Drilldown Reports

Reports with grouped data have an automatic drill-down option so that you can view the whole list of lines of data.

Paging/Sorting on the Server

This DotNet Report Builder uses server-side paging and sorting with Ajax calls so your page loads quickly without overloading your server.

Organize by Folder

Reports and folders can be created and organized by users. 

Use Nuget for Installation

You need to install the nuget package in your Application Project to get started. It adds the whole open-source front end for Ad hoc Report Builder Controllers and Views, and it runs on your system in just a few lines of code.

Data Connection Configuration

Don’t code your database schema; instead, configure it in the admin interface. dotnetreport requires database tables, columns, and relations to work. The Reporting Tool is compatible with a wide range of databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, and other relational databases.

Integrate DotNet Report into Your Web Application

You can embed dotnetreport easily into your Enterprise application and customize the theme and style to match the look and feel of your application.

Open-Source Front End

Your dotnetreport Application will access the source code via the nuget package under the EULA. This will allow you to add new features and customize the layout as you see fit.

The shift from an information economy to an insight economy calls for the use of analytics. Without smart and agile real-time business intelligence reporting, you will fall behind.

The services of DotNet Report Builder will never let you down; try the free demo to determine if they match your needs before making your decision. After completing the demo period, you can get a quote based on your requirements.

Tableau Desktop

The Tableau Desktop app makes use of drag-and-drop buttons that allow the user to spot trends in the data quickly. The app goes beyond making charts and displays ‘live visual analytics.’ A number of data sources are supported, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, and Box.  

As well as connecting to just about any database type, Tableau can also be used to blend data to produce a greater selection of charts. Visualizations on dashboards can be shared easily and are accessible on smartphones.

Tableau Desktop becomes more expensive for a single user compared to competing solutions. On the whole, it also includes Tableau Prep under the Tableau Creator package. 

Zoho Analytics

Developed by the folks who know plenty about web-based business tools, including the venerable Zoho Office. Zoho Reports is a robust solution capable of integrating data from a variety of files, such as Microsoft Office documents, URL feeds, and databases, including MySQL, as well as data outside the Zoho ecosystem, such as data from Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and other applications (such as Salesforce, Quickbooks and Google Analytics).

Data can then be merged using integrated mathematical and statistical formulas, such as marketing costs in an Excel spreadsheet and sales data in a cloud database, to create a visually appealing and informative report. Users can apply functions via drag and drop and create reports using the portal or by printing or emailing them using a simple online interface.  


Under one hood, Board offers analytical insights, business analytics, and enterprise performance management. It aids key decision-makers within a business in making more effective decisions. Customizable and interactive dashboards let companies keep track of their business at a high level and drill down into KPIs to measure business performance. 

It focuses on serving mid-to-large-sized businesses across various industries. It offers programming-free tools to help businesses analyze and plan with a tailored, efficient approach, regardless of technical skills.

Managing corporate performance and business intelligence is Board’s forte. Its multiple deployment models allow thousands of customers across a variety of industries and specializations to choose from flexible solutions.


The Qlik platform enables organizations to build data visualizations using powerful AI models. Interactive charts and tables automatically update using the cloud-based platform. Additionally, it uses natural language processing to simplify querying processes and help users find information faster.

In addition to building attractive and easy-to-read reports, Qlik enables companies to schedule automatic deliveries of these reports. The mobile app is responsive and even provides offline analysis for fast decision-making while on the go.

Looker by Google

Google Looker directly connects to a company’s database for reliable, centralized information. It offers a drag-and-drop visualization builder, making it easy for users of all levels of expertise to use it.

Employees can quickly pull in new data feeds using Looker’s Marketplace, which offers analytics for many popular software-as-a-service tools. Additionally, the platform has out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, Dropbox, Marketo, and APIs to integrate with other applications.

Power BI

Turn data into meaningful visuals and share them locally or in the cloud.

Business analytics solution that connects, models, and then explores raw data, so you can create reports and learn from actionable insight using built-in or custom visuals. With Power BI, you can visualize data using interactive visualizations, develop robust semantic models, manage application lifecycles with an ALM toolkit, and connect data with open APIs.

When it comes to our cost-to-value evaluation criteria, Power BI stands out. Why? Your organization can make indexed and interactive reports available to employees within and outside of the organization without purchasing additional licenses. Power BI Desktop is also available for free.

Trends in Top BI Reporting Software

In spite of the rapid evolution of the best BI tools, these trends are becoming commonplace in most BI software.

Machine learning and AI

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are computing trends that touch nearly every aspect of the technology industry due to their ability to spot patterns and synthesize information. Since ML tools thrive in high data density environments, BI is ripe for the growth of ML products. By using AI and machine learning algorithms on existing data, businesses can learn, predict, and forecast more accurately.

Cloud computing and databases can train machine learning algorithms on thousands of data points per day. The next logical step for companies who use BI is to integrate AI tools and their cloud-based data warehouses.

In-Memory Database

RAM is used instead of a hard drive or disk in order to view the information in an in-memory database. By doing so, application performance is significantly boosted. The increasing power of RAM in our cloud and on-premise computing environments and the push for more nimble systems means this software has a major stake in the BI future. The dramatic fall in memory prices makes this an increasingly popular alternative to running data analysis through multidimensional databases and cubes.

Implementation of Business Intelligence Software across Departments

It’s becoming more common for BI users to be employees with a moderate amount of technical expertise who want to take advantage of the power of cloud BI to gain an edge over competitors.

Consequently, the design of reporting mechanisms and the ease of use of analytics platform functions are being oriented toward lowering the barrier of entry. Data warehouse access or excellent analysis features are no longer enough; the systems must be usable by both IT experts and non-analytical users alike.

Leverage the Top BI Reporting Platforms to Your Success 

top BI reporting tools

Since there are many BI providers on the market, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to the best BI reporting. There is always a caveat: A software platform is only as effective as its programmers, and data must always be of the highest quality. Often managers assume that processes and workflows are being followed correctly when they may not be, which undermines analyses. Aside from BI tools with comprehensive functionality, there are also tools with a specific focus, such as those that offer insights into the sales process or distribution, to provide a more precise analysis.

Let’s Work Together On Your Business Intelligence Requirements

Companies and Software Developers across many industries, from Banking to Oil & Gas, to Software Consultants and especially SaaS providers, rely on dotnet Report for their Reporting needs every day. Both internal and external stakeholders for these companies create Reports and Dashboards using our reporting engine to get meaningful and actionable insights to their data. Contact us today to see how you can get an edge over the competition with our modern Report Building Software.

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