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Tutorial – How to Setup your Database online

    Tutorial – How to Setup your Database on .Net Report Builder

    This tutorial explains all the steps of starting with .Net Report Builder and setup your Database. The very first thing to do is to create an account on Once you sign up and login, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Create your Database Connection

    Login to your .Net Report Builder account and click on “Setup Database”. Next click on “Add a new Data Connection”, choose a name for database connection and enter the Connection String Key Name from your web config file.

    Step 2: Add/Manage Data Tables and Relations

    Once you save the data connection, you can Tables and Fields that you would like your end users to use in Building Reports using .Net Report Builder. You can setup the Tables, Fields and Relations using the Online Admin Portal:

    Once you have saved your Tables and Columns, you have to setup the relationships. Click on the “Relations” tab to manage and setup Relations.


    You can also use the Admin Setup locally in your environment. This is a much easier option since when you run it locally, the Admin Setup can connect to your database and Pick up all your Database Tables and Views you would like to include. So instead of manually setting it up, you can simply check boxes and select Tables and Fields. You still have to manually setup the Relations.

    To use the Admin Setup, install the DotNetReport nuget package, and then navigate to localhost/dotnetsetup.



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