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What is Ad Hoc Reporting?

In the age of Big Data, we not only need to harness huge volumes of data, we also need the tools to make sense of it. Ad hoc Reporting makes our data accessible to us and allows us to spot trends and anticipate future needs. 

Ad Hoc means “for this” in Latin and is about as accurate a description as it gets. Ad-Hoc Reporting involves the creation of dynamic real-time reports as and when you need them as opposed to weekly, quarterly or monthly. An Ad-Hoc reporting solution should be able to query data in real time based on what your needs are and return it to you in an easy and useful format.

Why is Adhoc Reporting needed?

Ad Hoc-Reporting is usually needed to answer a specific business question, rather than to get a periodic overview of how things stand. It’s most commonly used after an event and can help companies to be proactive in response to operational, industry or consumer changes.

What are the advantages of Adhoc Reporting?

Ad-Hoc Reporting has a number of advantages over traditional “static” reports. It can help you get timely access to critical data. It can help you to be proactive and stay one step ahead of your competitors. It can create transparency between teams and prevent individual departments from becoming autonomous data silos. 

Try our Adhoc Reporting Solution

Ad Hoc-Reporting can be extremely beneficial for businesses. However, it can also be very time consuming for analytics managers and their teams. Fortunately, there are a range of digital tools that are available to leverage state of the art software for quick and easy reporting. 

Take a look at dotnet Report, which is our Adhoc Reporting solution. You can see a live demo by clicking here and there is a Free Trial available as well. You can use our intuitive and user friendly Report Builder to create all kinds of Ad-hoc Reports. Our solution can easily be embedded in your existing application and it can let your end users create and manage their own Ad Hoc reports and dashboards.

Let’s Work Together On Your Business Intelligence Requirements

Companies and Software Developers across many industries, from Banking to Oil & Gas, to Software Consultants and especially SaaS providers, rely on dotnet Report for their Reporting needs every day. Both internal and external stakeholders for these companies create Reports and Dashboards using our reporting engine to get meaningful and actionable insights to their data. Contact us today to see how you can get an edge over the competition with our modern Report Building Software.

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