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What is Business Intelligence? Turning Data into Business Insights

    Businesses constantly undergo technological transformation to help data-powered decision-making. Business intelligence existed in its conventional form in the 1960s but it wasn’t until much later that IT-based solutions emerged. A data-driven technology, business intelligence translates business analytics from data to insights. Business intelligence gathers, analyzes, and translates business analytics from data to insights. 

    33% of large enterprises will opt for business intelligence by the end of 2023. Such a massive inclination towards business intelligence signals that it will soon take over the world and facilitate organizations to produce business analytics from data to insights. How does business intelligence turn data into insights? Let us reveal some details today.

    All About Business Intelligence

    ‘A real-time enterprise without real-time business intelligence is a real, fast dumb organization’- Stephan Bobst, CTO Teradata. With heaps of data flowing into data warehouses daily, businesses often fail to recognize the patterns and trends of information. Many organizations rely on their human resources to identify external patterns and manage historical data. The outcome is often inaccurate. According to Michael Speyer, a Forrestor consultant, business intelligence implementation can boost ROI by 127% in three years. Just as human beings cannot take precise decisions without factual information, business intelligence cannot function without processed data. 

    To gain a holistic view of your organizational performance, BI platforms collect data from internal and external sources to generate comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.  DotNet Report is one such platform that translates data into actionable business insights through its embeddable ad hoc reporting engine. Unlike other business intelligence platforms, DotNet Report can run on-premises and customize its settings to align with the business requirements. Business intelligence has optimized business performance throughout the years. Whenever an organization identifies external opportunities or threats, it revamps its strategies to effectively deal with them.

    BI Processes: Business Analytics from Data to Insights

    1. Data Extraction

    When data enters an organization’s data warehouse, it is present in the form of text, graphs, bars, tables, URLs, sounds, and web pages. In the first step of a business intelligence process, data sourcing takes place. Business intelligence tools collect data from internal sources in electronic format. These tools incorporate machine learning to identify patterns too.

    1. Data Analysis

    After data collection, BI tools refine and transform it into actionable reports that provide an insight into the market trends, risks, and future performance. It is in the data analysis stage that businesses extract relevant information from the collected data.

    1. Benchmarking

    In order to boost employee performance, you need to set an achievable target. Benchmarking is the process of gauging business performance against industry leaders. Business intelligence utilizes historical data and competitors’ performance to set benchmarks for a business using dashboards. By opting for DotNet Report, one of the most exciting features you will receive is our customizable dashboards. Create charts and personalize dashboards according to your choice.

    1. Data Visualization

    Not every employee has the skills to analyze data in its entirety. Data visualization transforms data analysis into charts and graphs. DotNet Report offers built-in charts, reports, and graphs to make data more consumable for every user. We believe that business intelligence’s benefit should not be limited to technical experts only and generate visually appealing reports for every user.

    1. Decision-making

    Gone are the days when decision-makers took days and months to conclude. With the adoption of business intelligence, businesses take quicker and optimal decisions within a short period. DotNet Report improved knowledge discovery time in the RFID/ IoT domain. Trust us to generate reports and actionable reports whenever you require quick business insights and holistic performance views.

    Business Intelligence Software Tools

    1. DotNet Report

    Eliminate third parties from your business intelligence processes by embedding DotNet Report into your existing systems. Incorporate our ad hoc reporting engine into your systems and create customized reports using advanced filters, scheduling, and sorting options. Although we offer ready-to-use software, our open-source front end allows users to customize their dashboards and reports according to their expectations. 

    With volumes of data flowing into a business’s data warehouse to facilitate business intelligence, businesses are often at risk when it comes to data protection. Our multi-tenant client support feature restricts data access to particular users and allows viewing and editing options to selected users only. 

    Allocating time to the right activities drives businesses towards growth. With DotNet Report, your IT team can take the backseat as every employee can utilize our self-service tool to generate business intelligence reports and save 30% of IT time. 

    Small and medium-sized enterprises are more prone to external risks than stable organizations but the lack of financial resources limits their access to business intelligence tools. We acknowledge that not every organization can spend thousands of dollars on BI tools, and thus offer our clients fixed packages regardless of the number of servers and users.


    • Open (free trial version)
    • Premium ($85 per month)
    • Premium ($165 per month)
    • Enterprise ($635 per month)

    Choose the package that best suits your business requirements and budget.

    Our intuitive reporting software offers organizations to create automated reports, schedule emails, generate charts and reports and customize layouts. We provide our clients with unmatched customer support that begins at the free trial version and facilitates them throughout their journey. Our development support team is here to aid feature negotiations if you want to add any specific development features. 

    Bring an end to hard-coding reports and generate and run your custom build reports using our platform. Request for a demo today and get an insight into our offerings before you sign up for any of our packages.

    1. DataPine

    A modern-day business intelligence tool, DataPine empowers businesses to gain business insights through its self-service analytics platform. It offers a centralized platform for data gathered through multiple sources. Unlike conventional business intelligence tools, you can access data anywhere anytime through its scalable SaaS BI solution. 


    • Data connectors
    • Self-service analytics
    • Data alerts
    • Dashboards
    • Embedded Analytics


    1. Interactive dashboards
    2. Predictive analytics
    3. Drag-and-drop features
    4. User-friendly interface
    5. Limited data access


    • Basic (219 Euros per month)
    • Professional (399 Euros per month)
    • Premium (699 Euros per month)
    • Branding (999 Euros per month)

    Use Datapine’s business intelligence software tool and set benchmarks by monitoring market trends using this BI platform.

    3. Domo

    Domo is one of the best business intelligence software tools that unifies data from various sources present in an organization. Synchronizing your business information on one platform, this business eliminates the need for multiple BI tools to generate actionable insights. Enjoy a seamless transition of business analytics from data to insights. The platform maintains strict data privacy, hence you can trust it for your sensitive data as well. Domo’s business intelligence team offers unbelievable business agility and scale. The cloud-scale BI processes information and generates queries to drive business decisions. 


    1. Powerful drag-and-drop ETL
    2. Subsecond queries
    3. 1000 customized data-collectors
    4. Reporting and dashboards
    5. Over 150 interactive chart types
    6. Real-time alerts and push notifications
    7. Instant chat feature
    8. Embedded data analytics
    9. Data apps for iOS and Android
    10. Self-service analytics
    11. Access to business applications
    12. API-based programmatic management
    13. Push notifications


    • Standard ($83 per month)
    • Professional ($160 per month)
    • Enterprise ($190 per month)

    Get your customized quote today by contacting Domo’s sales teams.

    Business Intelligence Advantages

    1. Set Key Performance Indicators 

    Without knowing your areas of strengths and weaknesses, you can never improvise your current performance. Many organizations are on the wrong track due to a lack of performance metrics. Organizations can only measure their performance accurately by using performance indicators. BI tools aid businesses to align their strategy by equipping them with key performance indicators. According to Microstrategy, business intelligence analytics improved financial performance by 51%. Integrate business intelligence into your daily operations and gather business analytics from data to insights.

    1. Generate Quicker Insights

    Today’s fast-paced business environment cannot rely on manual reporting and analysis. Add automation to your business processes and scale your growth in no time. Businesses should allocate their financial resources to gain access to BI tools as cutting financial costs at the expense of organizational performance should never be an organization’s strategy. Lower your data analysis time by integrating BI tools, just as PepsiCo witnessed a 90% reduction in its analysis time by embedding business intelligence tools. Embed DotNet Report into your existing systems and cut down on your reporting time today.

    1. Predict Future Growth

    Do you want to gain an insight into your future performance and adopt measures that pave the way for growth? Are you thinking of launching a new business line? Business intelligence tools support business analytics from data to insights to fuel business decisions through factual data. Unlike the traditional BI tools that were only capable of producing historical data, modern business intelligence software can predict future trends through predictive analytics. 

    Join DotNet Report today and utilize our predictive analytics to pinpoint the future opportunities that exist in the market. Most businesses are risk-averse as they do not want their growth to be negatively impacted, in such scenarios they prefer to opt for BI software that identifies threats and risks. 

    This eye-opening rise of business intelligence reflects how its adoption has become inevitable. Embed DotNet Report into your business systems and transition to high-quality customizable reports to translate data into actionable insights today. 

    For more information, choose a convenient time and schedule a meeting with us today.

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