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What is the Best Online Tool to Create Management Reports?

Reporting is a complex process. Whether the reports focus on the financial aspects of a business or the day-to-day tasks, report management is not something that can be done by every other employee as it requires some technical expertise. With the emergence of online report management tools, businesses can facilitate employees with little technical know-how to create management reports. Create management reports using the best online tools and acquire a comprehensive picture of your business performance to enable better decision-making. 

Management Report Tools

Data is not always present in one place in an organization. As it enters organizations through various sources, data decentralization is a common phenomenon that makes analysis a complex process. Gathering data in one place and analyzing it for better-decision making is not a simple task but with the advancement of technology and new tools entering the market at all times, businesses are opting for reporting tools that can support them in their report creation processes. Report management tools enable organizations to create visually appealing and intuitive reports in time. These tools take away the complexity associated with report generation and simplify the whole process through their matchless features designed for customer support.

Gone are the days when businesses required days to generate analytical reports. Today report management tools allow you to access reports quickly thus speeding up the final decision-making process. Relying on human labor to create reports and analyze them reduces employee productivity as well as organizational performance. You do not have to pay for an employee’s human error if you opt for online management tools to generate reports. Create management reports using report management tools and gain a better understanding of processes that enhance profitability and the ones that result in losses. By gaining an eagle-eye view of your business process, you can work on your shortcomings and improve them. 

Types of Management Report Tools

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence is now a part of every business process as it provides organizations with actionable insights. Use business intelligence management reporting tools and access insightful reports that guide your future decisions. Such reports are based on interactive elements that boost the analytical capabilities of the data.

Financial Reporting Tools

Whether you own a large business enterprise or a small-scale business, financial capital is always a complex subject that needs to be handled with utmost precision and accuracy. Thus, organizations should utilize financial reporting tools to generate financial reports rather than relying on their management for such tricky reporting. Financial reporting tools analyze the financial data of an organization i.e., cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, and other financial data.

Enterprise Reporting Tools

Although one cannot deny the significance of handling minor processes that take place in an organization, overseeing the organization at a macro-level is crucial to streamline the operations and achieve your business goals. Enterprise reporting tools arrange the organizational data into dashboards, charts, and graphs to enhance the efficiency of the whole organization. Embed enterprise reporting tools into your system and witness increased productivity in no time.

Data Visualization Reporting Tools

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to creating management reports is the lack of technical expertise of employees. Data visualization tools resolve such issues in no time and generate reports that are easy to understand by employees of the concerned departments. It arranges data into charts, graphs, and maps that are easier to analyze as compared to numerical data. Transforming numbers into simplified visualizations for the ease of employees is a job left to data visualization reporting tools in many organizations and these tools never leave you disappointed. 

Best Online Tools to Create Management Reports

  1. DotNet Report

Generating management reports has never been so convenient for organizations. Previously, organizations used to spend hours filtering their data out and gathering relevant data sets that provide actionable insights into the future. As DotNet Report entered organizations, the process of report generation was simplified. Due to lack of data integrity, relying on third-party software becomes a hassle for organizations, DotNet Report assists such users with an embeddable ad hoc reporting engine that maintains their data integrity and saves businesses from data fraud. We acknowledge that data analysis is crucial at every level of an organization and should not only be limited to technical experts, therefore, our reporting software also generates reports by eliminating the need for additional technical support to derive maximum benefit from DotNet Report’s features and offerings. We enhance your customer experience by providing quick and intuitive reports that speed up the decision-making process. Some of the key offerings of DotNet Reports are as follows.


  • Embeddable ad hoc reporting engine
  • Open source front-end code to facilitate customization by users
  • Seamless application integration
  • Data access restriction through the multi-tenant client, user, and roles feature 
  • Report Scheduler 
  • Built-in charts and customizable dashboards
  • Server-side paging/sorting

One of our valuable customers William S who works as a contract programmer provided us with his feedback which stated: “Reports that take hours to build with other reporting tools take only a handful of minutes with DotNet Report”. Join DotNet Report today and witness our unparalleled services on your own. Our customer support services begin with a free trial and continue after-sale. 

Offered packages 

  • Open- free trial version
  • Premium- $85 per month
  • Premium+ – $165 per month
  • Enterprise- $635 per month

Register here for the free trial version before signing up for the product as we make sure our customers know what they are getting into.

  1. Google Analytics

One of the most frequently used tools for creating management reports, Google Analytics, ensures organizations generate reports based on cookies, HTTPS, browsers, and OS. It provides complete information about a website so that businesses can keep track of their marketing, management, and product performance. Insights provided by Google enable you to deliver efficient results as it works with Google’s advanced analytics tools. Create an account on Google Analytics and let Google handle the complex processes with maximum speed and efficiency. It offers a free trial version with limited hits, therefore, if you require more information, sign up for the Google Analytics 360 which costs $150,000/year or $12,500/month.

  1. OWOX BI

Gathering data from multiple online and offline sources, OWOX BI is a marketing analytics platform that generates management reports to maximize return on investment and decrease acquisition costs for a business. It manages data from scratch as it collects, filters, and organizes data for better analysis. Features included in OWOX BI’s management software are mentioned below.


  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Auditing
  3. Data Analysis and Reporting
  4. Analytical Insights
  5. Data Auditing

Following packages that are priced according to the number of sources are currently offered by OWOX BI.

  1. Start Plan (1 data source)- Free
  2. Marketing Data Plan- Begins at $55/month
  3. Reports and Attribution Plan- Begins at $970/month

If these packages do not meet your business requirements, OWOX BI offers customized pricing packages according to your needs. Contact their team and get a personalized quotation for your organization.

4.   MeisterTask

Tired of running software that takes hours to generate a single report? Opt for MeisterTask which is specifically designed for agile teams and ensures the quick generation of actionable insights. It is a project management tool with remarkable features and services. You can supervise your team and keep track of their progress through MesiterTask’s platform. The platform enables you to view tasks that are completed, in progress, and due along with the time duration. It also generates reports related to data privacy and security. Let’s shed some light on the pricing. 

1. Basic Package- Free

2. Pro- $4.19/month

3. Business- $10.39/month

4. Enterprise- Custom

Click here to contact the sales team for more information.

5.   Funnel

A management reporting tool that extracts, prepares, and analyzes your data, Funnel is one of the best management reporting tools in the industry. It is trusted by the leading companies including Samsung, Adidas, Trivago, Superdry, and Skyscanner. Funnel collects all your data on one platform that can be utilized by your team for efficient analysis. Being an expert in marketing data, Funnel collects data from 500+ marketing applications to generate management reports that guide decision-making. Furthermore, you can export your data to any platform you want to as Funnel supports data export to Google Data Studio, Data Warehouse, Google Sheets, etc. Funnel offers three packages.

  1. Essentials- starts at $399/year
  2. Plus- starts at $999/month
  3. Enterprise- starts at $1999/month

A downside of choosing Funnel is that it does not track data quality and cannot work with UMT parameters. Moreover, you cannot stream data from a website using this platform.

Conclusion: With several management reporting tools available in the market, DotNet Report stands out from the crowd due to its affordable pricing range, unparalleled features, and customer support service that we offer before you purchase our services. Report generation has never been so convenient before we entered the industry. Our embeddable ad hoc reporting engine eliminates the need to rely on a third party thus protecting your data security. Book DotNet Report’s live demo and contact our team for more information.

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