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Why DotNet Report Builder is the
#1 BoldBI Alternative

Information is power, and DotNet Report Builder works to create efficiencies that drive your digital strategy forward while improving day-to-day operations. Compiling data through proofs-of-concept and creating products that address core needs in the market is what we are all about!

Embedded Reporting

Assess Your Software's Maturity for Analytics

An outstanding embedded analytics solution is underpinned by the right framework, strategy, and vision. So, you will need to identify areas where your application may not be at its most mature in terms of reporting and BI. 

Embedded Analytics
A Build or Buy Approach

Some developers might build their own KPI dashboards, visualizations, and reporting features within a product or website. 

But our embedded analytics platform provides developers with the ability to customize white-label analytics solutions to meet faster turnaround times and deliver more value overall by:

Optimized for Security, Scalability & Performance

The DotNet Report platform can be deployed on a single server and scaled both vertically and horizontally to satisfy your deployment’s availability needs and processing requirements, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The performance of in-memory analytics will handle massive data sets while adhering to your security model.

Advanced Analytics Features Offered by
DotNet Report Builder

Platforms with leading features like automated options and AI provide more value.


Dashboards are the most effective way to visualize multiple data reports while helping to drive action. By multiple grouping reports on the same topic, dashboards help your end clients get an overview of the business’ performance. 

Developers can even code actions into dashboards, such as order buttons, so users never have to leave the dashboards to complete their workflow. Furthermore, an embedded analytics platform enables users to build their dashboards and customize the look and feel of the dashboard to match their brand.

Data Discovery

Customers need to explore their data, identify patterns and outliers, and share their insights with others to understand their business better. 

The embedded analytics capabilities within your application enable your clients to discover insights within the data held within it and then share and disseminate the insights in a governed manner. The rise of augmented analytics has automated data discovery. Machine learning algorithms can detect statistically significant changes in the data on a continuous basis and alert the relevant users.

Interactive Reports

Reports should be easy and interactive to build. In embedded analytics, users may want to develop their reports, but even if they don’t, they will want to drill more deeply into the data, visualize it in tables and graphs, query the data, and compare it to other data points. The power of machine learning has enabled powerful interactive capabilities, such as clicking on a data point and having it automatically explained through relevant data and natural language explanations. With a greater understanding of the data, actions can be taken faster.


By providing a shared interface for data insights and report creation within the embedded analytics platform, you are saving your clients time and increasing the stickiness of your application. 

Instead of copying and pasting screenshots into emails and instant messaging platforms, allowing clients to collaborate where the data exists will encourage them to stay on the platform longer, have live visibility of their data, and take action immediately.

Best Decisions are Made Based on Data

DotNet Report Builder offers world-class embedded analytics for the modern enterprise. Such a platform is especially handy if you have stakeholders or investors demanding regular updates.

Centralizing and employing analytics has become a foundational transition to adapt your business to the modern digital world. Whether a commercial software vendor or a business enterprise, every organization needs to integrate analytics into its core applications. You certainly can’t be competitive without innovative and agile reporting.

Embedded Reporting