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How to create calculated fields where the calculation contains references to two or more tables?

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I have added all tables from the query below. I have added all relations between the tables. How can I add a calculated field to a report using report designer if the field contains references to 2+ tables?

SELECT CONCAT(CP.PayrollId, '-', CI.PayrollId) 'Unique ID' --THE FIELD
FROM EmployeeChangeLog ECL
JOIN EmployeeProfile EP ON EP.EmployeeId = ECL.EmployeeId
JOIN UserProfile UP ON UP.UserProfileId = EP.UserProfileId
JOIN UserCompanies UC ON UC.UserCompanyProfileId = UP.UserProfileId
JOIN UserCompanyInfo UCI ON UCI.UserCompanyProfileId = UC.UserCompanyProfileId
JOIN CompensationInformation CI ON CI.CompensationInformationId = UCI.CompensationInformationId
JOIN CompanyProfile CP ON CP.CompanyId = UC.CompanyId


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Hi Stepan, currently dotnet report only supports creating custom fields only from 1 table using the UI. You can create a sql view with the custom field, and then use the view instead of the table. 


Hope this helps. I also added this feature request to our backlog, you can see it here:


You can also follow it to see when this feature is coded and available.