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Data visualization

Data visualization comes into play when businesses need to create actionable insights from their data sources. Visuals are always appealing to analysts and can provide a deeper understanding of the working of a business than a tabular or simple narrative report. Incorporating visuals in data reports have been the best way for data analysts to simulate business scenarios and predict outcomes for their company. Dotnet report builder makes use of data visualization and allows end-user to play with data visuals until they find the best-suited report layout to present their data.

Data visualization software!

There are many software tools for data visualization and detailed data analysis. These range from basic featured software to complex, and more advanced data visualization software. The best data visualization software is that which employs the latest visualization techniques and can scale to cater to enterprise-level business. If you’d like to learn more about the different features available in dotnet report builder, feel free to dive into a detailed demo of our interactive reports.

Embedded BI and Reporting

Reporting tools for SQL server

dotnet report builder is a powerful SQL server tool that adopts an innovative approach for end-users to perform real-time data exploration and analytics.

If you are looking for a tool to tap into your business data and centralize your data analytics, look no further because dotnet report builder, with its SQL reporting features, can help you apply data analytics to your data using the SQL query builder and create a single source of data retrieval to design beautiful reports and visualizations for all teams to use.

Data visualization tools and techniques

A good data visualization theory and skills will be visible in the specific tools and techniques implemented by the product. When end-users are learning this skill to create customized data visualizations to cater to their business analyst team, they tend to focus on best practices and explore their own personal style when it comes to designing data visualizations and dashboards. Following tools and techniques are a must when developing data visualizations:

  • A powerful technique to explore the data through visuals is by using presentable and interpretable results through available report layouts that best suits the dataset.
  • A primary step in pre-processing data can be the data mining process, which helps to classify and sort data into tables and defines relations between data.
  • Data scientists use data visualization to identify gaps in business data and mark corrupted or missing values.
  • Different artificial Intelligence techniques like machine learning and natural language processing are set up to add meaning to the data and identify data trends. Data visualization is then applied to these data sets for more clarity of the situation.

Data visualization




Open Source Reporting Tool

An open source reporting tool like dotnet report allows software developers to add different functionality at either the back end or front end without reaching out to the vendor. This would include adding a new exporting type, adding new charts and graphs to their menu which promotes reusability.

The open source SQL reporting tools usually have an inbuilt workflow and using the report layouts they can provide Instant Business intelligence. With the use of instant Business Intelligence, users can just enter their query related to any specific topic and get business-related help and predictions. The basic usage of open source reporting tools for SQL utilizes every other feature like self-service BI, exporting and emailing reports, scheduling reports to run at specific times, mobile device compatibility, and defining user role management.

How can dotnet report help

.net developers

Instead of spending valuable time creating visuals on demand, dotnet report builder helps .net developer train their end-users to create beautiful data visualizations at their desktop.

End users

End users get the power to work independently and design actionable data insights right from their desktop using dotnet report builder data visualization features

End user Empowerment

Data analysts

Data analysts can utilize their special skills to use data visualization techniques incorporated in dotnet report builder to make their tasks easier and more productive.

Benefits of using dotnet report builder as SQL reporting tool…

Filter using a List

dotnet Report Builder can automatically build a relational data list for easily Filtering Data by selecting one or more values from a Drop Down List

Drilldown Sub Reports

Grouped Reports come built-in with an automatic Drilldown option, where you can expand and get the full list of Data Rows that were Grouped together and view the Sub Report

server side reporting

Server side Paging/Sorting

dotnet Report Builder provides Server-Side Paging and Sorting using Ajax calls, so it is Super Fast and doesn’t overload your page with complete Data Downloads

Organize in Folders

Users can create folders and save their Reports organized neatly in them. Any user can create their own set of folders and reports that go in them.

Open Source Report Builder

The Report Front-End code is open source under EULA, and the NuGet package installs the source code in your .NET Application. You can add easily add your own features or make layout changes

Built in Query Builder

dotnet Report Builder provides advanced Query Builder where you can easily Build your Ad Hoc Report, Filter, or Group by advanced options

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