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Data Visualization Capabilities

One of the main features that dotnet Report offers is many different data visualization features, from bar charts to comparisons. 

Beautiful Visualizations

dotnet Report is a data reporting and visualization platform for enterprise-level businesses for creating customized ad hoc reports from scratch to help solve their data analytic needs. Data analysts can create beautiful visualizations and creative dashboards to perform big data analytics on business data. This in turn will derive actionable insights for the management to make short-term and long-term decisions and increase productivity and sales.

Reporting Software with many options

Data analysts use Business intelligence tools and techniques to study and analyze big data from businesses that are aggregated from different data warehouses. They reach conclusions about the performance of their products in the market using data visualizations. They can also identify common areas of mistakes that can become clear through data analytics and reporting techniques applied to the raw data.

One of the main features that must be a part of business intelligence software is the ability to work with raw data and create meaningful data visualizations. The visual effect helps data analysts to look for the disparity and gaps in different areas of business processing. 

See what our users have to say…


Since we started using dotnet Report, not only users are happy but IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. Dotnet report development team is also very co-operative and pays attention to any specific user demands. Their turnaround time for any new development is also very fast.

Sohina Poddar
Applications Developer


dotnet Report was able to transition us from a non-reporting platform in the RFID arena to a customizable reporting platform with ability to negotiate our clients reporting needs very adeptly. Highly motivated and qualified professionals with unparalleled experience in all aspects of Reporting Platforms and Services.

Curtis Shull
CEO & Software Developer

The team at dotnet report are really transparent, patient and very flexible. The software is embeddable and has the ability to be white labeled. Responsive design and smooth mobile experience, really helpful team and were very patient.

Jamie King
Business Intelligence Developer

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