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The Best Domo Alternative for Advanced Reporting | DotNetReport

Best Value for Money Domo Alternative

dotnet Report Builder is the most advanced ad-hoc reporting tool! Give your customers personalized, dynamic dashboard access without any platform overhead with the best Domo Alternative

Domo Alternative

Enhance Reporting Capabilities with
DotNetReport Builder

Integrate your existing applications with dotnet Report Builder to simplify how you view data.

Make attractive visualizations

Display data using charts & figures to simplify numbers & add them to your custom report.

Develop detailed reports

Get full autonomy over the data & report content required and share actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Automate reporting

Save time & resources by scheduling & automating reports for important business functions so that you can redirect precious resources elsewhere.

Build your own custom reports

With DotNet, you get complete control to make new reports by choosing your own fields, filters, schedules, visualizations, and much more!

DotNetReport’s Embedded Analytics Turns Your Visualizations into Real-Time BI Applications

Learn Why DotNetReport is the best Domo Alternative - Best ASP .net reporting tool

Six Reasons Why dotnet Report Is The Best Domo Alternative

Businesses without the capability of real-time data transformation & infrastructure are being left behind by competitors who use Data as their driving force to make informed business decisions. 

Data & Reporting has become an integral part of modern organizations & is used to make informed business decisions.Visualize & assess your data easily with DotNet’s report builder.

With dotnet Report, you enable

Ad hoc Reporting

Create reports containing actionable insights and relevant information with DotNet’s Ad hoc reporting feature. Enable your business to create and share reports instantly, with visualizations & information that is easy to understand & simple to base decisions on.

Data Analytics Reports

Digitally transform your business & work smarter & faster with our Data Analytics enablement. Gather all important data & information into reports with actionable insights.

Advanced Reporting with DotNet

Charts and Dashboards

Choose from a large variety of report templates, charts, graphs, and other report content that you may need to make reports with actionable insights. Within DotNet’s Report Builder, users can create dashboards, reports, filters, and schedules easily, without any additional cost.

Report Scheduler

Enter the world of Digital by transforming your business from traditional methods of reporting to new & advanced automated reporting tools. With DotNet, you get access to a built in Scheduler which can be used to automate report creation & sharing with fixed intervals.

Filter Feature

With dotnet Report Builder, you can automatically apply filters & remove unnecessary information from your custom reports, leaving just what is required for informed business decisions.

Multiple Users

Create visibility and access for multiple stakeholders within your organization to promote transparency & data-driven decision making. With DotNet, you can assign different roles to users & allow access to multiple reports, without having the need to manually share reports with different business functions. Allow visibility to stakeholders with access limited to their domain.

Organized Storage

Create a unified data & information storage space where users can create, edit, and save their reports. Create multiple folders & allow access according to business functions, increasing transparency of information within your organization.

Check out dotnet Report now! Get your free 30-day trial today and see how much easier report creation can be.

Report Building Software for SaaS platforms

Accelerate Growth with Dotnet Reporting

Real-time Insights

Quit worrying about the accuracy & relevancy of data with DotNet’s real-time reporting capabilities. Gather real-time data & reports to make informed decisions on the go & stay ahead of the competition. We truly are the best Domo Alternative!

Real-time Alerts & Reports

Sync & integrate dotnet Report Builder with your existing communication tools & e-mail so that real-time reports can be shared instantly, with alerts about unexpected changes & anomalies within the data.


Provide functional visibility to the data & information so that it becomes decentralized. Access to relevant data can help functions grow & add value to the business. Facilitate data & report sharing within the organization & foster a culture of transparency & team-work.


Create, Edit, & Share highly customizable reports within the easy to use DotNet interface.

DOMO vs dotnet Report Comparison Overview


DOMO is a popular and capable analytics solution. It’s a suitable option if your requirements are limited to sharing pre-designed visualizations, reports and dashboards to internal stakeholders. However if seamless integration, multi-tenancy, scalability and self-service for external stakeholders are important requirements for your use case, DOMO is likely not the best option.

Key Features

Embedded Analytics Software vs. Business Intelligence Software

dotnet Report

dotnet Report was built to be embedded in your SaaS or another software project. It can be used as standalone as well, but it is designed to work with your application’s multi-tenancy, security and seamlessly integrate/embed within your application. Another key strength is self-serve reports where internal or external users can manage and create their own reports, dashboards and visualizations, dotnet Report builder is the clear winner.

Key Strengths



dotnet REPORT

100% Web Based


Dashboards and Visualizations



Unlimited Users/Reports/Dashboards


SaaS-Friendly Pricing


Fully Embeddable



White Label



100% Host on Premises


Check out dotnet Report now! Get your free 30-day trial today and see how much easier report creation can be.

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