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Ssrs Alternatives

Ssrs Alternatives

Are you tired of formatting reports in complex ways from scratch? Have you been on the lookout for SSRs alternatives to help you connect to SQL databases?

Are you in search of an embedded business intelligence reporting tool that offers super fast and easy reporting solutions for your business, helping you with easier access to data collection while end-users can acquire vital information needed for prompt decision making?

Dotnet Report Builder is designed with you in mind, as it is the ideal reporting tool to serve software developers in various sectors like the financial sector, the petroleum industry, and software contractors amongst others. SSRs alternatives provide the basic solution to a number of data-related problems, helping users save time and money while doing so.

Top SSRs Alternatives
Jasper Reports: This alternative is a Java-based reporting and analytics platform for webmasters, designers, and developers through which they can access the graphic designing tool of JasperReports. JasperReports is one of the best open-source reporting engines written in Java and it utilizes data arriving from any data source to generate pixel-perfect documents that can be viewed, exported, or printed in various document formats from HTML, PDF, Excel to MS Word.

Pentaho Community Edition: This is the solution to small or large enterprises that provide the solution of reporting, data representation, analysis, and certain other features that will help businesses save time and money. Users of this SSRs alternative can also explore for BA server and PDI marketplace entries.

Ubiq: Ubiq is an online business intelligence platform that is employed for the visualization and analysis of data and reports. This SSRs alternative offers a user-friendly dashboard, the ability to easily create reports, a data analyzing system, drag and drop feature, and team collaboration for sharing purpose and support for all types of data sources (local, remote, or cloud).

SharpDevelop Reports: This is a cross-platform.NET reporting solution for Windows and web-based apps. Aside from providing its servers and databases for report generating and document management, SharpDevelop reports also offer users the support of few native databases.

Reports generated through SharpDevelop Reports can be exported to PDF format or even printed directly. It uses the Push Data Model for creating reports from .xsd files.

Crystal Reports: This tool can help users create dynamic reports and presentations. The reports can be done in about 24 different international languages, and it turns any data into an interactive report that can be accessed offline or online from applications, web portals, and even mobile devices.

Crystal Reports is also flexible, customizable, offers mobile interactivity, support for MS Excel, and powerful report delivery options. This all-in-one business intelligence software creates reports by utilizing professional reporting tools that are available with the support of various data sources.

A user may need to design a dashboard or format report tables with data of their choice. SSRs alternatives are important in helping them complete these duties in as little time as possible.

You can finally get one of these today when you sign up. Did we also mention that you get a FREE trial when you sign up? Yes, you get to have a taste of the toffee before buying it with us. So take your time and pick the best SSRs alternative suited for your business.

Ssrs Alternatives
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