Embedded Analytics for SaaS Companies

dotnet Report Builder helps you get an edge on your competition with Embedded Analytics for SaaS applications.

Integrate world-class Embedded Analytics for SaaS

With the integration of a world-class embedded analytics platform, dotnet Report Builder will give you the competitive edge needed to succeed.

dotnet Report Builder is the only .NET reporting tool that offers both embedded outputs and builders for everything from charts, and dashboards to forms--allowing you greater control over how your data reaches those who need it most!

Integrating dotnet Report into your SaaS application is easy and takes less time than building a reporting solution yourself. By using our prebuilt widgets, you can get started right away so that focus doesn't stray from what matters most - making sure deadlines are met or visions achieved!

The power of automation is in your hands with a simple and easy-to-use reporting tool for SaaS. With no coding knowledge required for end-users, your users can create custom reports and dashboards that will save time!

Enable competitive advantage with dotnet Report

Failure to engage can result in lost opportunities and missed data points. With the ability of our embedded analytics for SaaS platforms, you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips for a seamless experience from the start to finish for your SaaS application users!

Native customer analytics experience

dotnet Report Builder is built for SaaS providers! Our interactive embedded analytics for SaaS platforms embeds inside your application. No need for large, expensive engineering teams either – your users can have insightful data at scale in days instead of months!

Embedded Analytics for SaaS platforms

Speed up your time-to-market

Faster Analytics

dotnet Report has reduced the time-to market for our users from 6 months to less than a month!

Focus on your core

We keep your in-house resources at the core of our application, so you can achieve profitable growth faster

Drive more Revenue

The data-driven industry has seen major growth in revenue over recent years. Companies who successfully monetize their information see up to 20% of total revenue generated from analytics based offerings, with this number expected grow even higher as we continue on our path towards becoming one networked society!.

Embedded analytics features for SaaS companies

embedded analytics platform for SaaS

Connect with your data source

Connect virtually any data source to dotnet Report! Our flexible and open source data connection architecture allows you the freedom of choice when connecting your databases, warehouse engines or cloud services

Embedded Analytics Software for SaaS platforms

Drag & drop dashboards

Create dashboards without writing a single line of code. With our intuitive drag & drop editor, you get the job done in minutes. It’s fast, it’s fun, no data scientist required!

Business intelligence dashboard

Seamless Embedding

Put your users first by giving them a seamless experience. Match the platform's styling to every detail: use color themes, custom fonts and CSS overrides that fit in with what you already have on board! We'll even take care of removing any dotnet Report branding from embedded dashboards for a complete white label experience for your SaaS application

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