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Embedded Fintech | DotNetReport

Enable Embedded Fintech with DotNetReport:

A complete Embedded Fintech tool allowing you to integrate multiple
features & facilities within existing solutions and enabling the use of tech in finance.

Provide the entire user-experience within singular platforms, without the need to build multiple interfaces & and points. With embedded finance and technology enabled, you can provide seamless implantation of financial services into non-financial platforms.

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DotNetReport’s Embedded Fintech allows you to:

Reduce customer touchpoints & streamline journey:

Users use one app and carry use embedded finance services within the app, without having to move to another platform or service.

Make processes more effective & efficient:

Users are able to pay, make transactions, carry out top-ups, invest, and much more, all digitally within their existing platforms.

Reduce customer touchpoints & streamline journey:

Users are able to get better offers & personalized services with increased data and information sharing within applications and platforms.

Harness the Power of Data in Finance:

Forget the hassle of active discovery and multiple repeated integrations. Embedded Fintech allows you to integrate financial products easily within platforms that are already in the hands of the users and generate millions of datasets.

Create a seamless experience for your customers by removing multiple interactions and streamlining access to embedded finance within existing financial and non-financial products.

$22.5 Billion


$230 Billion


Enable Embedded Fintech with DotNetReport:

With a completely embedded platform powered by DotNetReport, users get access to the complete range of opportunities they can explore within the financial services industry.

Enable Embedded Fintech to:

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Integrate with financial companies:

Whether you are a financial or non-financial company, you can now easily provide financial services via different providers within your platform.

Make the most of customer data to develop better credit scoring:

With successfully integrated applications, you can generate insights and valuable information from customer transactions, their spending habits, credit activity, and overall financial behavior.

Offer better Insurance Services:

With Embedded finance, you can have all the information you need to provide and offer tailor-made insurance plans, improving customer experience and retention

Reduce the risk of fraud:

Embedded Finance enables you to study real-time data from different platforms and sources so that outliers & anomalies can be identified right away.

Increase Revenue Streams with Embedded Fintech:

Embedded Fintech is a great opportunity for non-financial companies and organizations to increase revenue streams by offering financial services within their platforms.

Boost User Engagement:

Drive Growth:

Generate Value:

Allow users the ease of doing everything within a single platform, creating positive engagement and improving user retention.

With multiple offerings & features within a single platform, more and more customers will be drawn towards these services, boosting revenue and important metrics such as Monthly Active Users and Daily Active Users.

By offering customers multiple services & features under one platform, you create a unique value proposition for your financial or non-financial service. Creating ease for the customer would automatically translate into creating value for the organization.