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Embedded Analytics Reporting Solution

Integrate BI tools and reporting capabilities directly into your applications.

Embedded Reporting, Dashboard And Business Intelligence Software

Data and intelligence are at the core of business development in the new digital age. Businesses and companies use data to help make better and faster decisions. And as we try to find new ways to accurately gather information, we rely on dashboards and business intelligence software to help us gather real-time data from various channels. 

What is Embedded BI?

One common problem that users feel when they are introduced to business intelligence software is the pressure to get familiar with yet another software. The users might be aware of the importance of having a powerful tool for data analytics but they might not be tech-savvy and feel burdened to get familiar with another third-party software solution which might be completely different from the business solution that is familiar to them. One easy solution for such a scenario is the embedded Bi solutions. The embedded business intelligence software can be integrated into the existing business workflow using minimal efforts to generate actionable insights from inside the umbrella of the existing business software. 

See what our users have to say…


Since we started using dotnet Report, not only users are happy but IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. Dotnet report development team is also very co-operative and pays attention to any specific user demands. Their turnaround time for any new development is also very fast.

Sohina Poddar
Applications Developer


dotnet Report was able to transition us from a non-reporting platform in the RFID arena to a customizable reporting platform with ability to negotiate our clients reporting needs very adeptly. Highly motivated and qualified professionals with unparalleled experience in all aspects of Reporting Platforms and Services.

Curtis Shull
CEO & Software Developer

The team at dotnet report are really transparent, patient and very flexible. The software is embeddable and has the ability to be white labeled. Responsive design and smooth mobile experience, really helpful team and were very patient.

Jamie King
Business Intelligence Developer

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