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Please see some of the most common questions asked about dotnet Report below. If you have any other, please feel free to reach out.

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Who is dotnet Report Builder for?
dotnet Report Builder has many uses. It is primarily for programmers or software vendors who want to add Ad-Hoc Report Generating capabilities within their Software Application.

If your clients keep requesting new Reports, and your programmers have to code and create it for them, dotnet Report Builder can save your Company time and money by allowing Customers to generate most reports on their own. If you use SSRS (SQL Server Reporting) or other services that charge by CPU cores, you can avoid expensive licensing fees.

dotnet Report Builder can also be used for in house Database or a single Application for the same purpose, to easily create Reports.
Does your company have access to my Database?
No, we do not at any time need access or have access to your database or it's records. You do have to setup some basic information about your database schema in our Admin section, which we have access to and our system uses to generate SQL statements for the Reports. However, those sql statements are executed inside your application, and we we never have access to your database connection.
Can I create some Default Reports that all my clients need?
Yes, you can create Reports in the Admin section and they will be available to all your users.
Can my clients save Reports that they create?
Yes, Reports can be saved and can be run any time.
Does dotnet Report Builder work with any Database system?
dotnet Report Builder generates standard SQL Statements, so it can work with any SQL database. The default code is for .Net's Microsoft SQL Server Provider, but it can be easily changed to use .Net's Oracle or Access provider, or to the standard ODBC Connection Provider.
Does dotnet Report Builder work with Web Forms also?
dotnet Report Builder is available for .Net Core or MVC. It is available for Web Forms as well, but we don't encourage Web Forms. The front end is completely open source and is available on git hub as well.
Can I download, print or export the Reports?
Yes, currently you can Download the report in Excel, and print it also. The report data is available in your code base in a SQL data table, so you can code export methods in your application if needed.
Is dotnet Report Builder open source?
The End User code is open source, and complete C# and JS code installs with the nuget package. This code is for the Report Designer and the Report itself, and you can make some changes to it per your requirements. However, the Service code is not open source and is not avaiable to the Developers.
How do I integerate dotnet Report Builder in my Application?
You have to install the nuget package in to your MVC Web Application Project through Visual Studio. Then copy over your Api Keys in the web.config file.
Is all the code contained in my Application?
How does the Report Builder Wizard generate the Report?
Can I White Label dotnet Report Builder?
Can I change the Wizard stying, layout and wording, or add my own Instructions?
Yes, the Report Builder Wizard is a Razor View page that resides in your application. You can easily change the styling and layout by changing the css style and html markup. You can also add or change wordings or instruction. However, you should not change any html element Ids.
Can I change the Report stying, layout, or add my own Instructions?
Yes, the Report View is a Razor View page that resides in your application. You can easily change the styling and layout by changing the css style and html markup.
My table contains data records for all my clients, but I don't want clients to see each others data. Can Report Builder handle that?
Yes, dotnet Report support multi tenant clients. You can specify an Account or Client field, and then set that value in your Account Setup, and it will always be filtered in the where clause.
Can I use Customized Fields not in my Table?
You can easily use Views do setup customized Fields. Just define your view as regular table in the Report Builder Admin section.
How much does it cost?
dotnet Report is a subscription based software with annual paid license fees. Please see Pricing for details.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, we have a fully functional 15 day Free Trial available! We want to make sure the system works for your Reporting and Dashboard requirements, and your team loves it. We provide you full support during the trial period, whether you are setting up a prototype or integrating it in your application.
Can I pay monthly?
Subscriptions are discounted if paid Annually. However, we have monthly payment options available as well.

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