doetnet Report Builder offers many built in features for creating Reports easily for your end users. It has a modern designer that allows users to easily and intuitively build a report, and a robust Reporting engine that renders beautiful and useful Reports.

Some of the Key Features are listed below.

Install Report Builder with Nuget

Easily add Report Builder to your existing .Net Application, or create a new Application for your reports. Add the entire front end code with a simple Nuget Package.

Open Source Report Builder

The Report Front-End code is open source under EULA, and the nuget package installs the source code in your .Net Application. You can add easily add your own features or make layout changes

Charts and Graphs Report Builder

You can easily create many useful Bar, Pie or Line Charts and Graphs. The Report Builder uses Google Charts, and you can add more Chart types in your code if you need to

Dropdown Filter in Report

.Net Report Builder can automatically build relational data list for easily Filtering Data by selection one or more values from a Drop Down List

Server Side Paging and Sorting Report Builder
Serverside Paging/Sorting

.Net Report Builder provides Server Side Paging and Sorting using Ajax calls, so it is Super Fast and doesn't overload your page with complete Data Downloads

Report Builder Dashboard

Dashboards allows Users to view multiple Reports run at the same time, so they can do comparison and view their frequently used Reports together instead of running it one at a time.

Server Side Paging and Sorting Report Builder
Organize in Folders

Your End users can Save and Organize Reports in to Folders, with built-in support for multiple end users

Date Filter in Report
Advanced Date Options

.Net Report Builder provides advanced Date options where you can easily Filter or Group by Months, Years or Date Range

Server Side Paging and Sorting Report Builder

Grouped Reports are built with Drilldown option, where you can expand and get the full List of Data Rows that were Grouped together

All these and many other features. To explore more, try out the Live Demo or head over to the Support Forum. To get Started, Schedule a Demo with us, or Register for an Account now.