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You can demo our solution to get a better understanding of dotnet Report Builder and how it works. You can view the Report Builder from your customer's perspective and Design and Run an Ad-hoc Report.

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.net reporting features

Design & Run Custom Reports

This demonstrates the end user experience with the intuitive Ad Hoc Report Building Tool, that you can Embed in your Software or run stand alone, so that your End Users can design and run their own Reports.

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Embedded Ad Hoc Report Dashboard for .Net Core

Dashboard for End Users

Users can also setup a Dashboard to run the Custom Ad Hoc Reports that they create and save. This shows beautiful Data Visualizations, useful Charts and Reports all in a single, user friendly view.

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For the Demo Data, we have used the Northwind Sample database.

Please note that since this is a Demo, you cannot save your changes to the Database setup. Also, the Demo reports are frequently reset, so you might lose any saved Reports.

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We've been there, building Reports from scratch is frustrating for Developers. That's why we started dotnet Report, to make Reporting simple and help other Software Developers! Dotnet Report will save you precious coding hours and your users will love the ability to manage their own reports.

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