Reporting Tool For Asp Net

Are you having a hard time finding a reporting tool that you can use in your .net application, whether you are using .Net Core, Web Forms or MVC?

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A Reporting Tool that's infinitely customizable, easy to install and easy to use?

Welcome to dotnet Report

With the DotNet Report Builder embedded in your application, your software users will be able to easily create and run their own custom reports in an intuitive reporting solution.

All from right inside your Application!

It works with your tech stack, takes care of user rights and secures your data access by Clients or User Roles, and works whether you want asp .net core Reporting or mvc, with sql server or a different data source.

You know your users need to track their metrics. They want to be able to pull up a dashboard on their laptop, desktop or keep it displayed on a screen in their office.

Immediate insight. Immediate transparency. Immediate action.

dotnet Report has so many use cases and metrics. You can add dotnet Report to your data driven application regardless of industry or business model.

You NEED to have something customizable for them to use!

And now, with DotNetReport, you can rest assured knowing that you don't need to code the reporting functionality from scratch!

Imagine, your users having a custom-built dashboard for their business that shows them ONLY the metrics they need to see and doesn’t overload them with other random data. That’s exactly what DotNetReports allows your users to do.

It delivers custom reporting at scale in minutes to your users! They can build a custom dashboard specifically for their business — this is not cookie-cutter software!

Your users can pinpoint them metrics they need to see and display them however they'd like!

Here are just a few of the benefits of ad hoc reporting

All put together, your users will experience beautiful formatting so they can make sense of your data!

And you get to deploy this reporting solution in the blink of an eye!

All you have to do is sign up for a free trial or schedule a free demo and we'll show you how!

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We've been there, building Reports from scratch is frustrating for Developers. That's why we started dotnet Report, to make Reporting simple and help other Software Developers! Dotnet Report will save you precious coding hours and your users will love the ability to manage their own reports.

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