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Any company is only as good as the people behind it. We are lucky to have a team of dedicated professionals and industry leaders running dotnet Report.

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Razi Syed Lead Software Developer

Razi is a Senior Software Developer/Technical Architect with in-depth knowledge and over 2 decades of experience in all phases of Software Development Cycle. He has worked as the primary developer and database architect for many SQL and .Net based data driven management software projects for different industries.

Ahmed is a proven leader in Sales and Consulting with years of experience in dealing with Complex Software Solutions and making it simple for Customers. He uses his consultative skills in customer-facing engagements to identify problems, understand business initiatives and offer solutions.

Ahmed Kothawala Account Executive
Steve Jennis Sales Advisor

Steve has over 30 years of experience in Sales, growing high-technology businesses at the CxO level in both start-ups and multinational corporations. He is a proven leader, but also a proven coach and an excellent communicator and mentor. A thought-leader in Edge Computing, Machine Learning and the IoT, and an expert in data-driven strategies for maximizing marketing and sales RoI.

Michelle is a rare mix of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity that helps me connect across organizations. She specializes in bringing products to market and growing technology companies at various stages. Her deep curiosity about how things work leads to an ability to immerse myself into problems quickly and be effective in solving them immediately.

Michelle Witt Marketing Advisor
Mario Soave Technology Advisor

Mario is a leader in information technologies, someone how understands both Hardware and Software well, and is full of amazing ideas and solutions.

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We've been there, building Reports from scratch is frustrating for Developers. That's why we started dotnet Report, to make Reporting simple and help other Software Developers! Dotnet Report will save you precious coding hours and your users will love the ability to manage their own reports.

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