How it Works

dotnet Report Builder gets a powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool in your application and in your environment very quickly.

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Get up and running in a few simple steps!

Embedding dotnet Report Builder is simple, easy and secure.

Install with Nuget

Start with simply installing the nuget package in your Application Project. It is very light weight, and will add the entire open source front end for the ad hoc Report Builder Controller and Views within your code, and it runs on your environment.

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Configure your Data Connection

Next sign up, and then configure, not code your Database Schema in the Admin UX. dotnet Report Builder needs to know your Database Tables, Columns and Relations. The Reporting Tool works with many Databases.

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Design, Save and Run Reports

That's pretty much it! Next, you can create and run Reports and Dashboards using the intuitive ad-hoc reporting tool! You can do many other advanced configurations for restricting data by users or white label embedding.

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Fits any Requirements, Securely

dotnet Report can be used in many different scenarios, and can leverage your existing Login mechanism, User Roles, Claims and Client access to provid security and restrictions to your Data Access by your users.

Embedded in your Application

The most common deployment method is using dotnet Report embedded and deployed as part of your application, match your theme and be used just as an additional awesome feature of your applicaiton by your end users. This white label report and dashboard solution brings a huge value to your software and your users.

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Internal or Standalone Portal

You can easily setup dotnet Report as an stand alone portal for your users to access and build their own reports and dashboards. You can use it only for internal users or give access to external users as well, all safely and securely.

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Your Clients and Users

Our solution is built to work with your existing application, which means you already have your User Login mechanism built, whether it's using cookies or OWIN or anything else, you can just plug in your current logged in User's Roles or Client data access, and dotnet Report will automagically filter out data they should not have access to in reports.

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Tech Stack

Modern Tiered API Service Calls based Architecture!

dotnet Report uses the modern embedded architecture, where the front end code is completely open source, and it connects to a .Net based API Service, that can be hosted on our cloud or on prem.

Web Browser for End Users

The end users access the intuitive ad hoc report builder in any of modern browsers. The front end is built with Bootstrap, Knockout and Javascript.

Application Layer with .Net

The Application Layer is built with Microsoft .Net, and the Reporting Tool is available for MVC 5, .Net Core and we still support Web Forms as well.

API Service calls for Building Queries

The front end code securely calls API service calls only to build queries, and never requires Database Access. Your data and your database is always only in your local environment. You can even host the backend service on prem with our Enterprise License.

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We've been there, building Reports from scratch is frustrating for Developers. That's why we started dotnet Report, to make Reporting simple and help other Software Developers! Dotnet Report will save you precious coding hours and your users will love the ability to manage their own reports.

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