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Version v4.2.3, 9/6/2021, Key Updates
  • Added “Stored Procedure” Support for letting developers setup Complex Reports if needed
  • Added option to Export “Expanded” to Excel as separate tabs
  • Fixed issues with Date Time column formatting
Version v4.2.2, 4/27/2021, Key Updates
  • Allow passing Global Data Filters
  • Fixed issues with PDF export
  • Fixed issues with Null Check and Blank Values
Version v4.1.0, 2/7/2021, Key Updates
  • Added “Single Value” Report Option
  • Added “Do Not Include” option for Columns
  • Added additional format options to column, including specifying data format and header column.
  • Added option to resize column header
Version v4.0.3, 1/19/2021, Key Updates
  • Added separate ReportPrint route to use with PupeeterSharp/Chromium to export to PDF for better rendered PDF
Version v4.0.2, 1/4/2021, Key Updates
  • Fixed race condition bug on loading Dashboard
  • Added Distinct Count as an option
Version v4.0.0, 9/7/2020, Key Updates
  • Upgraded bootstrap to Bootstrap v4.3
  • Added new “Report Links” feature which allows users to setup links in field to a general url or to another report
  • Added “Yesterday” to date filter options
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