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Mobilite Group

dotnet Report builder enabled Executives at Mobilitie to create custom reports in an Intuitive Self Serve interface, freeing up their Developers time to pursue high-value objectives.

The Challenge

Mobilitie is an infrastructure company and works with venues and wireless carriers to ensure their customers are better connected. For the executives, the IT Team used to provide reports about all the assets managed by the company varying in terms and conditions. With the increase in business and volume of data, multiple different types of reports were needed, and the report format was customized as per user. A dedicated resource of the IT Team was required just to manually create these reports every day and thereby was not able to utilize their development skills. Also, it was a nuisance for business teams to give requirements for the reports and then wait for them to be created manually. Unfortunately, the IT Team did not have enough time to develop custom reports in-house and at that time search for available reporting tools in the market started.

The Solution

They came across the dotnet Report and tested it with other applications. They found it wonderful. It was very easy to integrate into their existing application. They contacted our team at dotnet Report, and we helped them get a detailed understanding of our complete reporting tool. It provided a detailed level of reporting and all the customization features that they we were looking for.

The Results

dotnet Report’s self-service reporting solution enables their users to create their own reports, saving 30% of their development team’s time. Not only users are happy but the IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. End users have more flexibility with the range of filters and different types of reports they can build.
“Since we started using dotnet Report, not only users are happy but IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. The dotnet report development team is also very cooperative and pays attention to any specific user demands. Their turnaround time for any new development is also very fast.”
Sohina Poddar
Mobilitie Application Developer
Mobilitie Group found dotnet Report’s development team to be very cooperative and we paid attention to any specific user demands. Our turnaround time for any new development was also very fast, and the team was pleased to work with dotnet Report.

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Companies and Software Developers across many industries, from Banking to Oil & Gas, to Software Consultants and especially SaaS providers, rely on dotnet Report for their Reporting needs every day. Both internal and external stakeholders for these companies create Reports and Dashboards using our reporting engine to get meaningful and actionable insights to their data. Contact us today to see how you can get an edge over the competition with our modern Report Building Software.