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Case Study Proxi Group


ProxiTrak Platform delivers RFID as a Service (RaaS), a model highly desired by the industry in many vertical markets. Real time tags and sensors tracking, virtual 3D environment and unique cloud architecture make our platform a real disruptive technology accelerating the Industry 4.0 revolution. However, with our complex and advanced software, it was missng adequate reporting for our customers.


Dotnet Report was able to transition us from non-reporting platforms to process improvement offers in the RFID arena with ability to negotiate our clients reporting needs very adeptly. Extremely professional, patient and a true genuine desire to help as I missed several meetings with them and it was all ways met with benevolence. Their commitment to service level support is unbelievably superb. We will stay with this company as our long term solution for RFID/IoT software Reporting provisions.


Dotnet Report has enhanced the efficiency of our clients in the field of IoT/RFID reporting. It has streamlined the process of discovering insights, making it both faster and more cost-effective. This has enabled our clients to make informed decisions swiftly, without compromising service quality. Furthermore, it has eradicated the issue of imprecise predictions related to RFID/IoT asset tracking reports.

At a glance


RFID Inventory

Markets Served

Government, Military and others

Key Benefits Experienced

Efficient Report Creation

Reports could now be created quickly and easily, without the need for production deployments.

Seamless Integration

The reports were easily integrated into the existing system, maintaining its look and feel.

Advanced Reporting Features

Dotnet Report introduced nested rows, subtotals, and grand totals, enhancing the reporting capabilities.

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Companies and Software Developers across many industries, from Banking to Oil & Gas, to Software Consultants and especially SaaS providers, rely on dotnet Report for their Reporting needs every day. Both internal and external stakeholders for these companies create Reports and Dashboards using our reporting engine to get meaningful and actionable insights to their data. Contact us today to see how you can get an edge over the competition with our modern Report Building Software.