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Reporting Use Cases

Our reporting solution has many implementation and practical use cases in Enterprise Software. Some of the most common topics and needs for Enterprise Solutions are discussed below in detail.

SQL Reporting Tool for Enterprise Solutions

Get Better Results than SQL Server Reporting Tools. Using reporting tools for SQL server? Dotnet Report Builder can help you with reporting and data analysis more efficiently than SSRS.

Data Visualization

Customize your Data Visualization Capabilities. Dotnet Report Builder can help your data visualization software reach its full potential.

Custom Heat Map Report

An Alternate Reporting Solution for .NET Developer

Compare dotnet Report to Power BI, SSRS, Telerik Reporting, ActiveReports, or other common Reporting Solution available for .NET Reporting. See how dotnet Report is better than the alternatives!

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Embedded Reporting for SaaS Developers

Learn why dotnet Report is one of the best options available for Embedded Analytics in SaaS Applications. Integrate BI tools and reporting capabilities directly into your applications easily, as we support Multitenancy, Data Security by Roles, White labeling and more. We are built for SaaS!

Data Analytics Reports

Custom Business Data Analytics Reports Solution. Need to add customized business data analytics reporting in your existing software? Dotnet Report makes it possible.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Customized Ad Hoc Reporting Solution. Are you struggling with Ad Hoc Reporting? Use Dotnet Report to generate customized reports with your existing Database.

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Custom Heat Map Report

Business Intelligence Software for Enterprise Solutions

Custom Business Intelligence Reporting Solution. Make the best of your business intelligence reporting software with Dotnet Report. Generate customized visualization for your business.

Embedded Reporting for Enterprise Solutions

Embedded Analytics Reporting Solution. Integrate BI tools and reporting capabilities directly into your applications.

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Business Intelligence requirements

We’ve been there, building Reports from scratch is frustrating for Developers. That’s why we started dotnet Report, to make Reporting simple and help other Software Developers! Dotnet Report will save you precious coding hours and your users will love the ability to manage their own reports.