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Upcoming Features Roadmap

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This feature list is a peek into our roadmap. It identifies some of the features we are currently working on and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them. It is not comprehensive but is intended to provide some visibility into what’s on our backlog.

Currently Planned/Active Users Stories – Q3 2022

TitleStateIteration PathComments
Manage Reports access in setup pageActiveDotnetReportRoadMap\Q3 – 20221
Need to add separate nuget package for mysqlActiveDotnetReportRoadMap\Q3 – 20220
Ability to search for ReportsActiveDotnetReportRoadMap\Q3 – 20221
Pivot ReportActiveDotnetReportRoadMap\Q3 – 20220

Want to suggest new features? We welcome feedbacks and suggestions from our users, current and future! Just head over to our Community Forum and post your ideas and requests.