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Reporting Tools for SQL

You can create Customized Ad Hoc Reports using the dotnet Report, which is the best among the reporting tools for SQL. Dotnet Report has lots of features that help end-users create actionable insights to manage business data. The reporting tools for SQL are built for developers to solve ad hoc queries on the go. Developers can build queries to answer questions in real-time and make decisions for their data projects in the work environment.

SQL reporting software!

dotnet report builder is a great SQL reporting tool with a unique set of features to manage your company’s data and information in a way that helps the data team in creating beautiful visualizations and reports. All SQL-based reports can be designed and run directly from the interface by end-users without intervention from developers.

What dotnet report can do for you as a SQL reporting tool?

Our SQL Reporting Solution keeps in mind data analyst’s requirements for performing predictive analysis using SQL query builder for their business data. It is also designed for ease of access and can be used even by non-technical business end-users with minimal training. The interface is easily comprehensible and all the amazing features can be incorporated with just clicks and selecting options from drop-down menus to make the task easier for end-users. Dotnet report builder is designed as an end-user reporting tool for SQL servers.

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How to create reports in SQL

Our SQL reporting software helps end-users to design and generate powerful reports using an open-source front-end design tool. At the back-end, the internal and external data sources are plugged into one access point from where users can generate data reports to perform analytics without the need for any technical skills. Using our SQL reporting tools the analysis process becomes very easy. It can be managed independently by all employees in an office environment.

There are a number of unique features that the reporting tool for SQL has to offer. Starting from integrated reporting services to a range of report layouts to choose from, to options to create dynamic data dashboards that show multiple charts and graphs, according to the end-user requirements. 

All you have to do is integrate the dotnet report SQL server, connect your database, and your powerful reporting tool for SQL starts within minutes. If you need to use SQL reporting software, dotnet report will give you the experience and variety that is required of your work environment.

Reporting tools for SQL server

dotnet report builder is a powerful SQL server tool that adopts an innovative approach for end-users to perform real-time data exploration and analytics.


If you are looking for a tool to tap into your business data and centralize your data analytics, look no further because dotnet report builder, with its SQL reporting features, can help you apply data analytics to your data using the SQL query builder and create a single source of data retrieval to design beautiful reports and visualizations for all teams to use.

SSRS Tools

SSRS is not the only solution for reporting for .NET or MVC, and it can be replaced by SQL server reporting tools by the third-party vendors but not all these reporting tools for SQL are equipped with the ability to create powerful reports with minimal effort. Let’s enumerate some points that make dotnet report a unique SQL reporting software and your number one choice!

Easy to understand

dotnet report is designed keeping in mind the non-technical employees from sales, marketing, and management areas that need to generate and analyze data reports. This workforce could empower their top management if only they can create dynamic data dashboards without spending a great time on training.

Easy integration

SQL reporting tools with embedded feature integrates well with an existing business application and sets up the process to collect data from multiple data sources and work with different data sets according to the end-user requirement. All this is done without any hassle because the back-end program takes care of all the work required.

Global access for users

Reporting tools for SQL reside on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. The application software can be run through a browser. You can run it virtually from anywhere in the world. With our SQL report software setup, you can access all your reports through mobile, tablet, or desktop making your reporting process easily manageable.

Open Source Reporting Tool

An open source reporting tool like dotnet report allows software developers to add different functionality at either the back end or front end without reaching out to the vendor. This would include adding a new exporting type, adding new charts and graphs to their menu which promotes reusability.

The open source SQL reporting tools usually have an inbuilt workflow and using the report layouts they can provide Instant Business intelligence. With the use of instant Business Intelligence, users can just enter their query related to any specific topic and get business-related help and predictions. The basic usage of open source reporting tools for SQL utilizes every other feature like self-service BI, exporting and emailing reports, scheduling reports to run at specific times, mobile device compatibility, and defining user role management.

SQL Server Analytics

SQL report analysis

Analysis can be performed using charts and tables that may then be designed in customized business dashboards. The data analytics related to the business are then monitored by the data team. These reports can be observed in real-time or generated in any interval, whether it’s on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly.

SQL code generation

Optimized SQL code can be generated automatically using a drag and drop interface in the front end. This saves IT resources and helps in making the working environment more efficient. The interface is easier to manage by even the non-technical staff and liberates the IT team to focus on other development tasks and make end-users more independent in their work.

Custom-made SQL reports

The best SQL server tools paired with SQL business intelligence software give lots of flexibility to the end-user for Self-service BI. SQL reporting tools were created to make life easier for end-users by giving them total control over their own data.

Benefits of using dotnet report builder as SQL reporting tool…

Filter using a List

dotnet Report Builder can automatically build a relational data list for easily Filtering Data by selecting one or more values from a Drop Down List

Drilldown Sub Reports

Grouped Reports come built-in with an automatic Drilldown option, where you can expand and get the full list of Data Rows that were Grouped together and view the Sub Report

server side reporting

Server side Paging/Sorting

dotnet Report Builder provides Server-Side Paging and Sorting using Ajax calls, so it is Super Fast and doesn’t overload your page with complete Data Downloads

Organize in Folders

Users can create folders and save their Reports organized neatly in them. Any user can create their own set of folders and reports that go in them.

Open Source Report Builder

The Report Front-End code is open source under EULA, and the NuGet package installs the source code in your .NET Application. You can add easily add your own features or make layout changes

Built in Query Builder

dotnet Report Builder provides advanced Query Builder where you can easily Build your Ad Hoc Report, Filter, or Group by advanced options

best asp .net reporting tool

Check out dotnet Report now! Get your free 30-day trial today and see how much easier report creation can be.

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