A different way to Build Reports!

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  • Are you tired of coding each report from scratch?
  • Are you unable to figure out how to embed reports inside your web application?
  • How often do you dread change requests or new report requests that your users ask for all the time?
  • Are you spending tons of time writing, modifying copying or adding if blocks to stored procs to handle different client requirements?
  • Do you have to jump through hoops and write custom code to add a simple drill down link in a report row?
  • Do you want users to be able to just design and manage their own reports?

You will not have any of these problems
with Dotnet Report!

SSRS vs Dotnet Report, a better approach!

We provide an alternative to SSRS Reporting Solution for .NET developers. It’s Ad Hoc, it’s out of the box, it’s easy and fast to install, it’s a lot less coding and a lot less work! It’s a simple, modern completely different approach and an alternative to the SQL Server Reporting Service and other similar tools.

To see what our modern and intuitive report builder can do for your company and how it is much better than SQL Server Reporting, set up a call below.

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You will love how easy Dotnet Report makes Reporting, and will wonder why it just wasn’t done this way before!

SSRS Alternatives – Feature Comparision

SSRS Approach ↗

  • Start each Report from scratch
  • Code each Report, write stored proc and design output
  • Nearly impossible to Embed with .Net Core or even MVC
  • Users cannot make any changes or even add their own filters, they can just run the reports as coded
  • Reports are not interactive, drill downs or sub reports are painful to code

Other .Net Reporting Tools ↗

  • Still code Stored Procedures for each Report
  • They are not a true SSRS alternate and do not provide Ad Hoc Reporting
  • End Users can interact with, but not design Reports
  • Can be very Expensive

Dotnet Report Way↗

  • It’s a configure, not code approach 
  • It’s very easy to Install and Embed in an Existing Application
  • You can let End Users manage their own custom Report or Devs can setup and manage Reports
  • Front end is completely Open Source and available on GitHub
  • Completely secure and uses your application’s Authentication and Claims framework for security 
  • Many useful features come out of the box, like scheduling, exporting, drill downs, advanced filtering, dashboards, and more

See what our users have to say…


Since we started using dotnet Report, not only users are happy but the IT team is also more productive as they don’t have to create manual reports anymore. The dotnet report development team is also very cooperative and pays attention to any specific user demands. Their turnaround time for any new development is also very fast.

Sohina Poddar
Applications Developer


dotnet Report was able to transition us from a non-reporting platform in the RFID arena to a customizable reporting platform with the ability to negotiate our clients reporting needs very adeptly. Highly motivated and qualified professionals with unparalleled experience in all aspects of Reporting Platforms and Services.

Curtis Shull
CEO & Software Developer

The team at dotnet report is really transparent, patient, and very flexible. The software is embeddable and has the ability to be white-labeled. Responsive design and smooth mobile experience, really helpful team and were very patient.

Jamie King
Business Intelligence Developer

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